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Jun 21 2009


I am writing this blog in order to document and share my thoughts on my two-year experience as a secondary (7th-12th grade) English teacher in our nation’s capital. To save time, I’d like to skip an explanation of how I ended up as a TFA corps member. But I will provide a little context:

I graduated from Yale this May with a degree in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. Despite the fact that I took only one English class in college (during freshman fall and, for that matter, one of the worst grades I’ve received in college), TFA placed me as an English teacher in the DC Public Schools system. Given my background, I was surprised by my placement.

Yet I was nonetheless overjoyed at the prospect of becoming an English teacher: I am a bibliophile (I won a small book collecting prize at Yale), I enjoy writing (whether through emails, diaries, journals, or essays), and I believe in the importance of education and, in particular, the skills and knowledge that come with a proper English education.

In terms of how I will use this space, I will do my best to avoid a diary-esque, frustration-venting blog and instead offer levelheaded thoughts and comments on particular aspects of (a) my experience as a public school teacher, (b) TFA as an organization, and (c) educational reform. Also, I might include some anecdotes that I think might interest someone out there in cyberspace.

To end my first blog post, I note that I have found myself in an ironic situation:

I am ready to learn how to teach, but know that I will a need to teach how to learn.

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