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Jul 07 2009

The First Thank You Note (Unopened)

I could sense it in the air of the classroom this morning–WR was not going to show up today.  WR struggled through both the diagnostic and pre-test assessments, getting less than 25% of the questions right.  Yesterday, he finished his test very early, probably because he couldn’t understand what he was asked to do.  Seeing him sitting dejectedly at his desk, I decided to give him a sheet of paper and ask him to “write about your life”.  He began writing.

Last night, with his paper in my hand, I learned that WR was 17 years old–a good number of years beyond what a 9th grader should be–and that one of his sisters had been hospitalized.  I learned more about WR from those simple sentences scribbled on a sheet of lined paper than I could have from seeing him sitting, not moving his mouth.

Given that providing positive encouragement is one of our roles as teachers, I wrote him a thank you letter to place in his folder this morning.  I thanked him for sharing his thoughts with me and also told him that he had just created an example of non-fiction text (what we are studying this summer): he was an autobiographer!

But he never walked through our classroom door this morning.  I just hope that he just slept through his alarm this morning.  I hope he comes back.

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