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Jul 20 2009

Overheard in a Philly High School…

“But miss, I’ve gotta answer this message–it’s from my parole officer!”

-Defiant student, responding to teacher after being reprimanded for using his cell phone in class.

This has me thinking: since when did parole officers begin checking up on their parolees by text message?

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  1. wearepennstate

    Yeah, kids pull stuff like this a lot.
    A few good responses:

    “Here, let me see the message. I’ll answer him and let him know you’re doing a great job in class today.”

    “Your parole officer knows better than to contact you while you should be in class.”

    “Give me his number. I’ll call him right now and make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

  2. abcde

    This is great. Thanks for the tips.

  3. On cell phones, I’m to the Right of Attila the Hun. My students know how much I hate them in class, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get defiant, especially if they came to class in the middle of a “he said, she said” dispute.

    And kids lie.

    But. this old-fashioned teacher comes down on the other side on that. Parole officers do call. Students’ children do get sick. Their moms do wait for the cancer tests to arrive.

    On these issues the only issue is respect. If the student is playing you, you’ll have a chance for Round #2. Run a tight ship. But on key issues trust first. the respect will be returned.

    (that being said, if I was a new teacher I don’t know …)

  4. On cell phones, I’m to the Right of Attila the Hun. the kids know how much I hate them in class.

    Kids will be defiant, especially when they come to class in the middle of a “he said, she said” dispute. And students will play you.

    But parole officers do call. Students’ children do get sick. Students’ moms do wait for cancer tests.

    Run a tight ship. But on some issues the only issue is respect. If the kid is taking advantage of you, there will always be time for Round #2.

    Of course, circumstances matter and the newr the teacher the firmer they need to be. But the other kids aren’t just watching for the teachers firmness. they also watch for fairness.

  5. Joshua

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  6. JBrown

    Thank you so much for directing me to http://www.theyesss.com
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