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Sep 10 2009

Finally, A Placement!

Only yesterday, I was lamenting the fact that I was still unplaced.  Well, it turns out the wait is over: I will be reporting to a high school tomorrow morning.  The 5 weeks and 5 days that I’ve spent in DC waiting for a placement has finally come to an end.  Hopefully, what that means is that I will no longer have the time to make fruit fly death traps (yes, I made one) or watch a Senator show off his map-drawing skills.

The catch, though, is two-fold.  First, I will actually be co-teaching with a 2008 TFA English teacher at this school.  Second, I will only be at this school until a permanent teaching position opens up (hopefully soon).  Because this school is currently under-enrolled, I am told, there is little to no chance that I will find a permanent English position there.  I’m still a nomad, in other words…

In other related news, DCPS enrollment numbers are looking good.  Over 44,000 students enrolled already.  The official enrollment count is done on October 1st, but it seems like DCPS is on track.

This, to me, is a sign that the DC community has faith in the DC Public Schools.  Furthermore, I see this as a vindication (at least a partial one) of Michelle Rhee’s ways.  She’s slowly and steadily turning around the school system and the results are showing.  Parents are voting with their feet (rather, with their children’s feet) and moving students back into DCPS schools.  The two decade-long decline of students enrolled in DCPS might be reversing (fact: DCPS enrollment was 67,000 in 1998).  I’m excited to be a part of what I hope will be a system-wide turnaround.
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  1. Way to hang in there! This is still great because you’re getting the experience of being in the classroom day to day and you’re with a TFAer. Having been displaced after the census adjustment (like will happen to you), I can tell you that it ultimately gave me a leg up. When you get your own class, you won’t be starting for the first time. You’ll smell less like a newbie to the kids. :)

  2. Jin-Soo


    I love the blog! That’s awesome you got a position! it’s going to be awesome prep when you get your permanent position! Congrats dude!

  3. Alanna Jaworski

    Oh, and the 2nd year corps member also earned her B.S. in Secondary English Education before joining the corps. : )

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