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Sep 23 2009

Dressing to Impress?

It appears as though girls have a keener sense of fashion than boys.  At least, this is the conclusion I’ve drawn after today.  Here’s why:

During second period, as I was moving around the back of the classroom, MW blurted out, “Mr. K, you not matching.”  Made curious by her comment, I looked at her quizzically for an explanation.

Noticing that I was focused on her, MW continued, “you’re wearing 4 colors!”

Hastily, I began to question what I had worn today.  As I counted the colors, I discovered, yes, she was correct–I had brown shoes, dark blue pants and light blue shirt, red tie and tan jacket (I guess that’s 5 shades?).  But was this a fashion faux-pas?  Had I committed a terrible mistake?

Before I could finish my self-evaluation, SJ, another chatty 10th-grader interjected, “shut up MW!”   Turning towards me, SJ confidently said, “don’t listen to her, Mr. K.  Mr. K, you sharp–real sharp.”

I’m glad that what I wore elicited such an interesting dialogue between my female students, a mini-debate of sorts (I think to myself: if only they were that heated about the differences between denotations and connotations!).  It is interesting to note that no male students interacted in any way during this exchange.

My school offers cosmetology.  These two young ladies are the ones constantly adjusting their make-up in the back row of the classroom.  Coincidence?

I can’t wait to see their reaction when I start to wear bow ties to school.  How will they rate me then?

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  1. rplate

    Let me preface this comment with the statement: I am a female.

    Recently, my county decided that men would have to wear button down shirts and ties to work everyday. After a few weeks of this, most of the male teachers were complaining and kept telling me how easy I had it. So for 4 days (not on dress down Friday) I wore a button up shirt and a bow tie.

    5th grade thought I was “akin stoopid” but 4th grade got a kick out of it. Enjoy the bow tie.

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