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Sep 26 2009

Babbles with a Budding Barber

Earlier, I thought that girls had a better fashion sense than boys.  But a recent conversation with a male student shows me that boys consciously think about style, too.  CG, a tall, lanky student with spiky hair, asked me a question out of the blue:

“Mr. K, can I give you a haircut?”

I couldn’t quite discern the connotation of his question.  Was he suggesting that I needed a haircut, or was he merely attempting to secure a commitment from me to be the subject of his scissor cutting during barbering class?  Again, I suddenly felt self-conscious, this time about my hair instead of my clothes. I knew that it was disheveled since I had ridden my bike to school that day and my helmet, as always, had rumpled my hair…

As I was processing thoughts, my coteacher was asked by SJ (who told me I was “real sharp“) whether she wanted a facial.

Since when did English class become fashion school?  This was surreal.  But, budding barbers and commencing cosmetologists providing free services?  Why not?  I was feeling adventurous.  I told CG that I would let him cut my hair in the near future, just not yet (secretly, I wanted to let my hair grow out enough such that I could “correct” it if necessary.  Then again, why should I doubt the abilities of CG, budding barber?).

Now that I think about it, I should probably make submitting to his scissors contingent upon his doing well in class.  I’m sure the rest of the students would keep him on task, since they probably would get a kick out of seeing my hair cut by him.  That could be a good motivator.

Anyhow, I think I’ve underestimated my students’ “senses”.  They are more aware than I had imagined.  Perhaps this is a hint that I will always have to be careful with exactly how I present myself in the classroom.  It may not seem like they “notice” things, but they definitely do.
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