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May 06 2010

Overheard in the Doorway of a DC Classroom…

“DAMN! It feel good in here!”

“HALLELUJAH! Hallelujah! Hallelujah.  I’m sorry, I just needed to sing that song.”

“Oh damn! Let me walk back in here again. (exit and reenter.) Damn son!”

“AWWW yeah! It feel goooooooooood!”

“Un-unh!  This not happenin’!”

-2nd period English students at 10:19am, surprised by the sudden sensation of A/C-caused cool experienced while entering the classroom.


In the past week, there’s been no end to the relentless complaints that my students make about the heat in our classroom. In the winter–of all times–I had to deal with an in-class dragon. Recently, the unusually high temps for this time of year (in the mid- to high-80s), coupled with my classroom’s all-day and direct-through-giant-windows exposure to the sun’s rays, had turned our classroom into a microwave oven.  My students had been sweating a lot. But I’d probably been sweating more.  As much as I had tried to reduce my “active” time, I had, time and again, been overwhelmed by the heat.  Students’ heads had dropped left and right like flies.  I probably had pit stains–or worse.

But no longer.  With the premature arrival of the building engineers came the floodgates of coolness that will nurture and improve learning in my classroom.  This will also permit me to chug less water during the day.  There are no more–and there never really were any–excuses for “resting” heads.  Cooler heads really do prevail. Comfortable learning environment, FTW.

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  1. MJL

    Mine just broke. They said they can fix it maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. I live in the Mississippi Delta. FML.

  2. MJL

    Update: Still broken!!

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