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Aug 09 2010

New Beginnings

I realize that I’ve forgotten to answer a question that many readers may have been asking recently: where am I teaching this coming school year?

I’m happy to report that I will, believe it or not, be returning to my old school. The explanation is complicated (I don’t even fully comprehend how it happened either), so I will not go into it.  But, basically, the craziest things happen in DCPS–both bad and good.

With the first day of school (FDoS) a mere fortnight away, I’m steeling myself for the challenges that the upcoming school year will throw in my way.  If there’s one thing that I can be certain to expect, it is new beginnings.

  • I expect a new beginning as a teacher. I am no longer a “first-year teacher.”  I am now a “second-year teacher.”  That’s new (but still a long way from “veteran”).
  • I expect a new beginning for our school’s culture. We have a new principal, whom–after apparently doing some amazing things at one school in another major urban district–Chancellor Rhee reeled in this summer.  I can feel a more positive tone already.
  • I expect a new beginning in terms of what I teach (at least tentatively).  I am still teaching 11th grade English, but, instead of also teaching 10th grade, I will be teaching 12th grade.  The lack of testing pressure is a new feeling (I actually enjoyed teaching a tested year–it kept me on my toes).  That’s new.  But what’s even more new, and more welcome, is that I will also be teaching Journalism 1 and 2.  My love for journalism and media is not new.
  • I expect a new look to ABCDE. The webmaster recently updated Teach For Us.  I’m about to update ABCDE in a small way.  I  have a new banner.  Check it out and let me know what you think (and whether it might look better with a different color scheme or perhaps with some images–I’m open to any suggestions).

Round 0–the intense TFA-mandated planning phase of each school year, for those unfamiliar with TFA-speak–begins tomorrow. Now that I (tentatively) know what I’m teaching, I can get to work on planning something for the upcoming year (what a development!).  Here’s to another series of long days huddled with re-energized, laptop-toting CMs, talking about summer happenings, classroom visions, long-term plans, management techniques and, maybe–just maybe–post-session happy hour ideas.
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  1. Like the banner and widget customization!

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