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Aug 20 2010

Overheard in a Staff Orientation Meeting…

“Teachers, when the tardy bell rings, close and lock your doors.  Do not let any students in after the bell.  All students in the hallway will be swept into ISS [in-school suspension].”

-Administrator, outlining school’s new hall sweep plan and receiving thunderous applause from staff in return.

The sound of these words were beautiful.  My fellow teachers and I struggled all of last year with student X, who would arrive 2 minutes late, student Y, who would arrive 15 minutes late, and student Z, who would arrive 40 minutes late.  With each dramatic entrance, X, Y and Z would disrupt class.

Hopefully, I won’t need to see tardiness anymore. Actions speak louder than words, though.

Day one is one day away.

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  1. Wyrm1

    I would wait a couple of weeks before being excited about it. I have been teaching for 10 years, and only once have I seen it last more then 2 weeks. It is wonderful when you have an administration that takes that responsibility seriously, but sadly rather rare.

    • Though I understand why reserving judgment until we are further along in the school year might be prudent, I am nevertheless excited by what I’ve seen this past week. I overheard a 10-plus-year veteran teacher express her disbelief when she saw one of the most habitual, unruly hallwalkers RUN to class in order to be on time. Not a soul inhabited the hallway after that second bell. This was a (greatly-welcomed) first for her.

  2. Wyrm1

    It is beautiful when it happens, and I hope your administration keeps it up. My school goes through this for 3-4 weeks every year, but never keeps it up, which may actually be more frustrating then never doing it at all.

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