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Oct 11 2010

Reaching A Milestone

Taking note of milestones is an integral part of any classroom. “This is the first time we’ve read silently during independent reading time for over 20 minutes!” “This is the first time I haven’t had to ring the respect bell at all this period.”  “We’ve just hit 10 books on our book tracker!”

100 is a special milestone in many contexts. In the United States, we talk about the first 100 days of a presidency. In Korea, people celebrate each child’s 100th day of living.  “100,” of course, is also pleasing.  The number “1″ followed by two zeros has a special touch to it.

This post represents a special milestone: my 100th on [ABCDE].


I don’t have much more to say, except that documenting my experience as a fledgling teacher in a floundering school in a previously-but-no-longer-foundering school district has been wonderful.

I also have much thanks to give: Thanks to those of you who have been following my blog since day one.  Thanks to those who joined later on.  Thanks, also, to Teach For Us, and the fantastic “team” behind the entire site (more to come on this later).

I look forward to continuing to offer my scattered, but hopefully comprehensible, thoughts on teaching, TFA, education and, sometimes even life generally. Until that next post…

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