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Oct 24 2010

My Best Decision?

Life is busy, as usual. But somehow–between lesson planning, problem solving and grading–I wrote a piece on my TFA experience in my college newspaper, the Yale Daily News.  Here it is.

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  1. A REAL TEACHER--20 years plus

    I particularly enjoyed some of the comments.

  2. Ms. Math

    Thanks for your comment on the blog. I read your article and couldn’t believe some of the comments on your story. Especially about the quality of writing! What was that about? I’m positive you write well enough to teach our children. My goodness!

    Anyways, I just spoke with Adam Geller and am super excited about promoting Teach for Us. Let me know if you are interested in collaborating :) I think for now I’m just going to ask my family and friends to donate to help finance advertising and new features to help increase the number of bloggers-but I also would love to see a story about teach for us in a national newspaper.

    [email protected]

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