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Nov 19 2010

You Can Find Me in the (Book) Club

It was my birthday recently. My students had heard this through the grapevine (with Facebook and the ubiquity of cell phones, the grapevine is super responsive). Because my birthday fell before a day off (Veterans Day), students were naturally curious about how I was going to celebrate. Apparently, clubbing is a logical option.

Here’s a conversation about clubs with SS, one of my more curious students:

SS: Happy birthday, Mr. K! Where you going to be tonight? Fur? [a DC nightclub popular with students]

Mr. K: No, not Fur.

SS: Then where?

Mr. K: A club…

SS: (exclaiming) Oh yeah! That’s right.

Mr. K: …a book club!

SS: (upset look on his face) Man!

Mr. K: (coolly nods head) Yep.

SS: (a lightbulb goes off!) But, Mr. K–they’re going to have a narrator at the book club…

Mr. K: (perplexed) Oh yeah?

SS: …like a special woman narrator.  (wiggles eyebrow)

Mr. K: (pause to process words) You got me.

SS: Ha! Ha!

SS turned the table on me with my own running joke. Clever.

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