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Jan 23 2011

A Resourceful, Humorous Student

While administering final exams, I was patrolling the classroom, checking to see whether:

  • Reading passages were right-side-up,
  • students were alert,
  • students were not copying answers off of each other,
  • and pens were moving.

As I passed by BN, something hilarious caught my attention on the desk in front of her:

BN’s “Ghetto Ass Notebook” AKA “a half-inch-thick stack of lined paper haphazardly stapled together along the left margin.”

The best part about her “G.A.N.” is her epigraph:

Dreadhead shawty, the bait be calling, thick lil joint got niggas mouth falling. Aye :)

This is an example of how students can be resourceful as well as humorous. Apparently lacking the resources to buy her own notebook, she fashioned one herself, using a rudimentary, but ultimately utilitarian, method.

And I love students who can poke a little fun at themselves. Even though she may not be in the best situation outside of school,┬áBN carries herself with supreme confidence, unlike some other students–who are very embarrassed when they reveal their financial instability. Near the end of class, she showed me her “food stamp” card (an “Electronic Benefit Transfer” card) and gave a brief explanation of how it worked (I didn’t know the intricacies).

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