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Apr 16 2011

Getting Away From Education is Impossible

I can’t get away from education, even when I’m on spring break (500 miles from DC, by the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee).

Here’s the story:

Our goal was to hike inside the national park today, before becoming Nashville-bound tomorrow. But the traffic stopped us. For some reason, cars were bumper to bumper on a road that clearly should not have been bumper to bumper. After an hour at a snail’s pace, a complex in the distance caught our attention:

Tired, thirsty, thrill-seeking–how could we resist the aquatic playground that lay before our eyes? We U-turned out of the traffic and proceeded directly to our new destination.

As we were checking in, Julia, the receptionist, in typical welcoming fashion, asked where we’d come from and what we were up to. When we mentioned that we had initially intended to make it to the national park, but had been stymied by traffic, she giggled.

How did you not know? Today is the beginning of the annual Grand Rod Run! Remember all those fancy souped-up cars that you saw? They were not a coincidence.

Then, Julia threw in the school connection. The Rod Run was such a big deal that her son had gotten out of school several hours early. I asked her–not trying to be rude, of course–why she thought the Rod Run was so important that she would pull her son from school. Couldn’t the shiny cars wait a few hours? She then replied that she had not, in fact, pulled her son. It was a district mandate. She had received a letter from her son’s principal stating that students would be dismissed early.

Oh, right. Now it all made sense. “RC” stood for “race cars,” not “reading comprehension.”

I was trying to use this break to take a break from education. But Fate would have it another way.

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