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May 01 2011

Overheard While Addressing Off-Task Behavior…

Student 1: (proudly¬†sharing cell phone photos with other students) That’s some Patron in my hands right there. See? See?

Teacher: (concerned expression on face) Not good. Patron’s not good. How old are you again? And put that away!

Student 1: (ignoring query and instruction) What do you prefer, Mr. K?

Student 2: (loud interjection) BOOKS! He get drunk off books!


It’s sometimes nice to know that the silly things that I say in front of students (e.g. “books are like babies,” “you can find me in the book club“) stick with and influence even the most unruly students. Student 2 and I have a kind of love-hate relationship. On the outside, he appears to hates my guts, but, deep down, I know he and I are tight. These are the best relationships a teacher can have.

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