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May 23 2011

A Student Raps About His Teacher

One of my students is an aspiring rapper. He’s so serious about music that he doesn’t want to go to college; rather, he’d like to make mixtapes and hit the rap circuit pronto. Recently, this student told me he’d been working on a rap in my honor (it is titled my first name). I laughed out loud as I read some of these lines. But, as my time as a teacher comes to a close, I walk away knowing that I impacted at least one student in a significant way. Here are the first few bars that he shared with me (apparently, many more to come):

This school year for sure has been really peculiar
I met an English teacher who’s pretty tubular
Through his class I’ve been triumphant against Lucifer
Reading “1984,” Winston worried about what the Party would do to her
When I saw him I thought he had beast chinos
He helped me understand being a rapper is like gambling down Reno
So I better win down at that casino
I remembered he made us write an essay ’bout heroes
He also be that teacher that breathes on students’ neck like he was their P.O.
His class was pretty difficult like Shaq hittin’ free throws
Through his guidance he made sure F’s–I never see those
He actually got me more interested in books, libros
Helped me realize knowledge is lethal
And constant studying will make my brain cerebral
In this class I realized that being the greatest was conceivable
And going to college and rapping was achievable
“In da future I see great things of you”
Dat man [Mr. K] told me “[student's name] I believe in you.”
My man [Mr. K] he’s pretty discerning
Concerned whenever his students ain’t learning
Even wit’ no fire his need for knowledge kept burning
He keeps his students’ nose clean like a purified virgin
He epitomized the art of teaching that’s for certain
And with the books I read he kept a kid yearning
He told us our future bright so never close the curtains
[Mr. K] irreplaceable so [Principal's name] you’ll be forever searching
Imma recall when you stole my phrase
And when your vocab examples had me confused like a maze
And in my book of knowledge you helped me discover a new page
This class helped me broaden my rap aptitude in a slew of ways
This came out of nowhere. But it was certainly a pleasant surprise. This student has also asked me to feature on his mixtape when he produces it. I don’t know if I’ve got the skills to do it.  But maybe I’ll give it a shot.

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5 Responses

  1. Erin

    Love it! That is fantastic…you should be proud.

  2. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Emy

    This is an ultimate tribute you should feel proud.
    You have done a great job!

  4. amazing!!!!!! you should be proud trust me

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