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Aug 24 2011

Teaching in Rural China, Pt 3: A Conclusion

I received an email recently that looked a lot like spam. No subject line; a string of numbers followed by “@qq.com” as the sender’s address; poor sub-par writing mechanics. But thank goodness I looked more carefully–I was looking at an email from one of the students I worked with in China!:

Im Polly,I hope that your still remember me and my smile.how are you these days?i miss you so much.

What are you doing these days?are you working?im free now so I can do something I like.i am learning to play billiards these days,and I got a master,he is good at it.i learn much from him.do you like to play that?

I know you must be busy,but I really want to keep in touch with you.i like you and I want to learn more from you.am I clever?the first time I saw you,I guessed you are a Korean,and you are!haha,that’s interesting,right?many people who don’t know me before said that I look like a Korean,haha.

You are handsome as well as friendly,so you are charming.if you are younger,I shall chase you,haha,ok,I am just kidding.but you are attracting!

Ok,I miss you and the days we were in xiuning.i hope you can come to china again.and if you do,please tell me.and im in shanghai,if you come to shanghai,I can be your guide.i hope we can have the chance to get together.hope to see you again soon!

Hope to hear from you soon.best wishes!

Love, P

It was a very heartwarming email to receive and certainly brightened my morning. The line “if you are younger, I shall chase you” was particularly comical.

Having just moved into a new apartment, and having had the need to purge, given my hoarding sensibilities, as much stuff as possible , I remembered that I had received a stack of thank you notes from one of my classes, but that I hadn’t had the chance to read carefully. I located that stack and finally did that. I was almost in tears. Here are a few of them:

Finally, I remembered (what’s wrong with my memory, by the way?) that I had tons of FlipCam footage of my students’ speeches and oral history project interviews. Here is a clip of my oral history project class on our last day, where students offered their opinions on the Yale China summer program:

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