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Fact 1: I am writing this blog in order to document and share my thoughts on my two-year experience as an English teacher (10th, 11th, 12th and journalism) in our nation’s capital.

Fact 2: I believe in the value of education and will do whatever it takes to help close the achievement gap here in the District of Columbia.

Fact 3: A large part of the reason why I value education is that I’ve had a positive one over the years, beginning overseas but ending, most recently, at Yale (where I majored in Ethics, Politics, and Economics).

Fact 4: In terms of how I will use this space, I will do my best to avoid a diary-esque, play-by-play blog and instead offer thoughts, comments and anecdotes on particular aspects of the following:

  • my experience as a public school teacher,
  • TFA as an organization, and
  • education reform.


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