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Sep 23 2009

Dressing to Impress?

It appears as though girls have a keener sense of fashion than boys.  At least, this is the conclusion I’ve drawn after today.  Here’s why: During second period, as I was moving around the back of the classroom, MW blurted out, “Mr. K, you not matching.”  Made curious by her comment, I looked at her…

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“Froward” is my current favorite word.  Essentially it is a Middle English synonym for “intractable”.  The word is uttered often by the domineering male protagonists in reference to their wives in Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” (thanks to the generosity of Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, I was able to secure tickets to this…

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Some may find this strange, but today I reached out to DCPS Chancellor Michelle Rhee by email, her preferred form of communication (according to this Time article, she answered 95,000 emails in her first year as Chancellor!).  I was pleasantly surprised to receive a response within an hour.  She’s the real thing, really. To explain…

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Jul 26 2009

One Student’s Take on NCLB

On Friday, my teaching partner and I decided we needed to sit down and talk with one of our students.  JR got a 32% on his diagnostic and, since then, he has yet to pass a single daily assessment.  So, we asked him to stay after class and talk with us about his “progress”. I…

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The ‘achievement gap’ is the ‘literacy gap’ is the ‘word gap’. Our literacy special-ist has been emphasizing this over and over again throughout our weekly literacy sessions (Note: for some reason, the blog won’t let me put the letters ‘s-p-e-c-i-a-l-i-s-t’ together… so I’ve used “special-ist” instead).  We’ve been told that ‘every teacher must be a…

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Jul 16 2009

Cash For Kids?

I recently gave a lesson in which my students analyzed how an author uses context to support his/her position in a non-fiction text.  As a “Do Now!” warm-up exercise, I asked them to lay out their position on the statement, “we should give cash to students who perform well on exams.” While the whole cash-for-kids…

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Jul 08 2009

A Day of Miracles

Today was a day filled with miracles: I wrote from ’1′ to ’1,000′ on both sides of a single sheet of paper (let’s just say I had to do something to stay awake during some of our CS/CMA sessions). WR came back today. WR read the letter I left him, smiled and thanked me for…

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I could sense it in the air of the classroom this morning–WR was not going to show up today.  WR struggled through both the diagnostic and pre-test assessments, getting less than 25% of the questions right.  Yesterday, he finished his test very early, probably because he couldn’t understand what he was asked to do.  Seeing…

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