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Alumni Induction is a milestone for most CMs, symbolizing two years of hard work, much of it thankless, some of it agonizing, and all of it memorable, and ushering in the opportunities, whatever and wherever they may be, to once more branch out into the world and use the lessons of one’s TFA experience to…

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Jul 01 2009

(Belated) Reflections on Induction

Almost two weeks ago, I arrived in DC ready for “Induction,” TFA’s word to describe the week-long orientation period in our placement region.  With 270 other DC corps members, I was continuously bombarded with stimuli over the week, whether through back-to-back info sessions (what I affectionately call “indoctrination sessions”), alumni lectures, community panels, hiring fairs,…

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I don’t think anyone can deny that TFA is a well-oiled, lean organization.  Case in point: aside from the logistical mess of getting all 270 DC corps members to Gallaudet University for the closing session, the first week of Induction passed smoother than any scheduled week I’ve ever witnessed.  Directions were clear, Transition Team Leaders…

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Jun 26 2009

Overheard in Adams Morgan…

“How much do you reckon we widen the [achievement] gap in our first month?” – Corps member, while pondering, over a beer, the temporal dimension of our quest to help eliminate the achievement gap.

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