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Apr 12 2011

I Almost Cancelled Our Trip


For a second, I thought about cancelling our trip. Independent reading time was over and I meekly made the announcement: “Okay, students, today we’re going to the local public library!” The outburst was overwhelming: “Oh naw! I ain’t going there!” “I’m not moving–sorry.” “Why the hell are we going there?” As the cacophony finally died…

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“Come ON, Mr. K!–you’ve got a room full of black kids begging you to read and you’re going to deny them?!” – Student, utterly amazed that teacher would cut off independent reading block at 30 minutes. My students clearly know about stereotypes. The implied stereotype that this student refers to is that black students don’t…

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Feb 06 2010

Epilogue to Volume I of [ABCDE]

Dear Library Donors, With semester one over, I have closed one volume and have begun another in my [ABCDE] series on teaching.  Volume II is already overflowing with surprises, since I am following three almost completely new groups of students.  (This is, alas, what happens when your school is on a 4×4 block schedule where,…

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In the month or so since its unveiling, the library has grown into a central part—if not the center—of my English classroom. To refresh your memory, here is the library before the project began. In this library update, I will recount the wonderful ways in which this terrific text tower has changed my students’ lives…

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Oct 31 2009

A “Just Right” Library

The generosity and support have been unbelievable.  Every day, I come to school and find a big stack of boxes precariously perched on my pulled-out metal mailbox or scattered like confetti in the mail room.  The secretary gives me a daily update on the number of packages that have arrived.  One morning, the principal pulled…

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