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May 27 2013

Are We Experiencing a Revolution?

The teacher prep landscape has been shifting recently. Jonathan Schorr views the changes as part of a revolution in teacher prep. The question is an interesting one: are we experiencing a revolution? In Schorr’s view, the answer is yes. He points out the many alternative teacher prep programs that now exist. While each may have…

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The astute observer will have noticed the appearance of a few recent guest posts. This was not a coincidence. I’m trying to expand this blog’s scope a little bit. And I welcome all comers! So, if you have something to say about education, education reform (I guess it’s different?), TFA or any other cool thing…

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Apr 11 2011

An Open Letter to DCPS…

Nearly 2 years on, IMPACT, DCPS’ pioneering teacher evaluation system, still has many kinks. Every day, I hear the draining talk of IMPACT this, IMPACT that: “My master educator just rated me ‘ineffective.’ Should I drink my sorrows away?” “Did I put a SMART objective on the board?” “I hope the master educator doesn’t come in during…

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Aug 09 2010

New Beginnings

I realize that I’ve forgotten to answer a question that many readers may have been asking recently: where am I teaching this coming school year? I’m happy to report that I will, believe it or not, be returning to my old school. The explanation is complicated (I don’t even fully comprehend how it happened either),…

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One species of finch

How do we as educators unleash the inner Darwin in every child? Having just returned from a weeklong cruise in the Galapagos Islands (what I called the ultimate professional development), I find myself constantly looping back to this question. The implicit task that I had set out to do spurred my thinking along these lines.…

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I’m on a boat.  Well, not yet, but soon. For the next 10 days, I will be on a cruise in the Galapagos Islands, where I will be tracing the thought process that led Charles Darwin to his theory of evolution.  The islands have risen slowly, over time, out of the volcanic hot spot that…

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Jul 03 2010

On Teacher Buy-In and IMPACT

I’m going to attempt to weave my love of Post-It notes with my reaction to the Education Sector panel on “Finding the Link: Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development.” I’d like to focus on one aspect of this complex discussion: teacher buy-in.  Here goes… As a teacher, I see Post-It notes as my personal guardians. Filled…

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