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Oct 20 2009

A Letter Assignment and a Response

I recently taught my students how to write formal letters.  As a homework assignment, I asked them to draft a letter addressed to Michelle Rhee, on a topic of their choice.  Students wrote about a number of things, including broken windows, “mice turds in the back of the class,” the disgusting cafeteria, the Reduction in Force,…

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The “Where I’m From” poems somehow seem to unlock my students’ minds.  There must be something particularly stimulating about searching deep inside one’s soul for the language to express one’s identity.  As previously discussed, I had my summer school students write “Where I’m From” poems.  ER’s poem was excellent.  But, now that I have more…

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Bowties are such wonderful things.  In a previous post, I mentioned that I was contemplating busting out my bowtie collection.  What kept me from wearing this wonderful accessory was that I was never sure how my students would perceive me.  I am enough of an “outsider” as it is; there really should be no reason…

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Oct 04 2009

Pink Friday

Friday was a tumultuous day in the DC Public Schools.  388 DCPS employees received pink slips, including 229 teachers.  Hawk One, which was experiencing financial problems, went bankrupt Thursday night, leaving DCPS schools with no security guards during a tension-fraught day.  Due to the sensitivity of the firings that took place all across the district,…

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Sep 29 2009

“Why I Hate School”

MR (not Michelle Rhee) is an older student still taking 10th-grade English.  Part of why he, at age 17, is in the class is that he doesn’t engage in school: he rarely shows up and, when he does, he stares off into space in the back of the room, no matter how often a teacher…

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